Electronic Governor Controllers

Kutai’s electronic governor controller is compatible with all analog governors/speed controllers from Cummins, Barber Colman, Woodward and GAC. The Kutai governor controller works with all types of hydraulically actuated governors, PT pump type (Cummins), both built-in and externally mounted.

Universal Electronic Engine Governor Controller


Generator Electronic Governor Controller also known as Engine Speed Control or Engine Governor. It has smoke limit, idle speed control and Slow response mode. It's suitable for petrol generator, diesel generator, and natural gas generator. It also compatible with Cummins,Woodward,Barber Colman, and GAC's governor. Newly added " extreme slow response " engine setting.

Generator Governor Controller No Magnetic Speed Pickup Needed


EG4015 uses the detected frequency of the input voltage to control generator engine speed so the magnetic speed pickup is not required. Applicable to all types of generator engines and also supports Cummins high-gain engine types (PT PUMP).

Engine Speed Magnetic Pickups (MPU)

EM81 / EM121 / EM83 / EM123

Kutai MPU (Magnetic Pickup) is a magnetic sensing device that precisely detects the engine revolution according to the frequency measured on flywheel gear by the seconds and providing the governor an engine speed reference parameter.

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