Single Gen-set controllers

InteliNano & InteliLite Series

At ComAp we understand that your application might require from a small gen-set being started and stopped manually all the way to gen-set starting and stopping automatically based on different conditions, integrated to a major monitoring and control system, with the flexibility to be expanded and even more…

Welcome to ComAp world of single gen-set controllers.

InteliNano NT Plus

Gen-set controller for prime power or stand-by applications

InteliNano NT MRS

Gen-set controller for prime power applications

InteliLite MRS 16

The most advanced Manual & Remote Start (MRS) gen-set controller

InteliLite NT MRS 16

Manual Remote Start (MRS) Gen-set Controller

InteliLite NT AMF 20

Auto Mains Failure (AMF) Gen-set Controller

InteliGen NT

Complex Parallel Gen-Set Controller

Paralleling gen-set controllers

InteliCompact, InteliGen, InteliSys,
Mains Controllers & Generator Controllers

Utility parallel operation, or multiple sets in island parallel? We have a solution for it.

At ComAp we offer you a solution ranging from simple paralleling systems with predefined scenarios which are virtually ready to go up to demanding paralleling solutions with sophisticated control scenarios, controller and/or communication redundancy and extensive monitoring possibilities.

Welcome to ComAp world of paralleling controllers.

InteliCompact NT MINT

Genset Controller for Gensets in Multiple Parallel Applications

InteliCompact NT SPtM

Gen-set Controller for Gensets in Parallel to Mains Applications

InteliGen 200

New Generation of Parallel Gen-set Controller

InteliSys NTC Hybrid

Hybrid system controller

InteliMains NT

Mains Supervision Controller

InteliGen NT GeCon

Complex Parallel Generator Controller

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