Category: GAC

GAC Advanced Gaseous fueled engine management system with exhaust emissions control technologies - Fuel and Ignition Management System (FIMS). AFR200 Series & ICM200 Series.
GAC provides a complete line of analog modules for generator sets. Module functions include load sharing, synchronizing, voltage regulation, speed ramping, voltage matching and a large assortment of analog modules to interface with other brands of controls such as Woodward, Cummins, CAT, etc.
GAC JDR series data readers allow users to monitor trouble codes and standard engine parameters. More advanced models support Tier IV engines with diesel particulate filters (DPF). With quick and easy setup design, users will be monitoring engine vital signs and configuring parameters in no-time.
GAC Magnetic Speed Pickups MSP Series / Magnetic Speed Sensor, a rugged and economic solution for detecting engine speed. Over 35 styles and Multiple sizes which customized configurations are available.
GAC Speed Control Units are precise speed controls designed and manufactured in various configurations to meet application requirements using the latest analog and digital control technologies.
GAC actuators are fast responses, multi-voltage usage, proven reliability and precise control. 100% field-proven tested & electromechnical design which provides proportional actuator movement based on actuator coil current. Easy to install with no maintenance required.
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